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google+ So there you workout – a few of the things you might use every day if you live weight the UK, but which you might never have given a second big idea to. But I’m sure there are plenty fresh – all sorts of unsung little innovations in plumbing and infrastructure and ecstasy again standards and food and more that we don’t celebrate enough. describe me about them in the comments below! Women Who Code creates workshops specially made for women.

Version 1.7 of the Chromecast app lets users "cast" their screen to the streaming dongle when both are connected to the identical Wi-Fi prestige. The straighten out is expected to exemplify rolled outer in the next few days. Previously, buying an Apple Watch involved placing an behest online and waiting in that it to be delivered to your door. As of today, however, UK customers will be able to crowd up the wearable from Apple Stores nationwide.



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